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This week, and until the end of term we will be consolidating the learning that we have done over the year.  This will mean that you will be completing lots of different activities in order to bridge any gaps that may exist.  I hope that you enjoy this work, try your best and check online if you get stuck.


Monday:  Today you will be estimating answers.  Watch this video carefully as it talks you through what you need to do.


Tuesday: Today you will be using checking strategies.  This is a useful skill to master as it will help you to check your answers.


Wednesday:  Today you will be converting between 12 and 24 hr times and completing a time investigation. (Only complete one coloured area) They increase in difficulty as they go down the page.  I have labelled them 1, 2 or 3 chilli challenge.


Thursday:  Today you will be completing work on money and a campsite investigation.


Friday:  Today you will be completing an area consolidation investigation.


I want you to use these pieces of work as a way to check your understanding.  Do not be afraid to admit if you don’t understand.  If you have any problems remember to use sites such as the BBC to find videos that might help.  Youtube also has hundreds of videos which can help as well.

Take care, work hard and good luck with your work over the week.

Mrs Woodham