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This week: Time continued

Please spend the week recapping and practising the previous learning. Make sure your child fully understands that when the ‘big hand’ moves all the way around the clock this is one hour. The ‘big hand’ represents minutes. The ‘small hand’ shows us the hour. Can your child explain how many times the ‘big hand’ moves around the clock in a morning? Day? How many times does the hour hand point to 1/2/3? etc.

These type of questions and your child’s subsequent explanations reveal how fully they understand the concept. Their answers also reveal any misconceptions or misunderstandings that you need to address and reinforce. Open questions such as these are far more enlightening than merely asking your child what the time is. As previously explained, this style of questioning or worksheet completing activity requires your child to just remember the answer.


Continue posing problems for your child to solve using their clock such as;

If your swimming lesson starts at 4 o’clock and finishes at 5 o’clock, how many hours does it last?

School begins at 9 o’clock and ends at 3 o’clock, how long are you at school for?

If you go to bed at 8 o’clock and wake up at 7 o’clock, how long are you asleep for?


As always, this type of complex questions should only be attempted once your child has fully understood the previous weeks’ learning. Rushing your child will only cause confusion.