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This week year 4 you will be looking at statistics.  Over the past 12 weeks you will have heard a lot about statistics in the news and I am sure that you will have seen a lot of graphs and data being shown during the afternoon Downing Street briefings about Covid 19.

Statistics are extremely important and have helped us during this period to understand what is happening in regards to Covid 19 and how well we have been doing in reducing the incidence of the disease.

On this note, this week you will be interpreting discreet and continuous data, solving sum, comparison and difference problems and using information presented in different bar charts, pictograms and other types of graph.


Your week will look like this:

Monday:  I would like you first to complete a quick test on position and direction and then watch the first PowerPoint on interpreting graphs before completing the linked worksheet.

Tuesday:  Watch the PowerPoint and then complete the worksheet on comparison sum and difference questions.

Wednesday:  Watch the PowerPoint and then complete the worksheet on line graphs.

Thursday:  Watch the PowerPoint and then complete the next worksheet on line graphs.

Friday:  Today you will round up your weeks learning with a statistics test.


Well done for all of your hard work,

Mrs Woodham