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This week, we’ll learn about measuring mass and reading scales. The concept of mass lends itself to many practical opportunities for learning just like last week so please support your child and use measuring and balancing scales throughout the week.


Please help your child complete the activities in the same order of days as the activities build on the knowledge and skills, they gain each day.  Please remember to put the day/date on the activity sheets when completed.


If you don’t have a balancing scale at home, it is really easy to make one using simple household items or recycled materials. Please open the document below to see some examples.


As your child becomes more confident, they can begin to estimate the weight of objects at home, measure and record it. Please allow your child to initiate the questions themselves or discuss together what they could investigate. For example, how heavy is 1 cup of flour? 1 teaspoon of salt? 1 tablespoon of sugar? An apple? A pencil?


FUN ACTIVITY: Why not follow a recipe for baking something together, which is perfect for measuring the weight of ingredients! 



Dear Year 2, we need you!

Year 3 have invited us to a TT Rock Stars battle. They have a few champs in there, but if we work together we know you can do this!! Every single point you can earn for Year 2 team will help. Good luck, get battling!