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Hello, Year 4. 

I am so pleased with the work that you have been doing over the lockdown, we have a few more areas to cover, but before we move onto them, I want to find out if there are any areas we need to revisit first.


This week, I have included a quick test for money and time and then an activity book which covers the main areas of learning we have looked at so far this year. 


As far as possible, I want you to complete these activities independently.  Do not worry if you get stuck.  This is ok, and if that happens, I will set extra work to help you to confidently complete work in those areas over the next few weeks. 

(This is to help me set extra work and I do not want you to worry about it. 


When you complete the activity booklet please only complete the questions on pages 1-16.  (Leave out Page 7)


I have included all of the answers (no peeking) and would appreciate it if your parents could mark your work and send me the scores. If you struggle with any question in particular please write the question number on your results table.  Please complete the score sheet below and send that in with your home learning.  There is no need to send photos of all of the work this week.  If that is not possible, a photo or paper copy will be fine.