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We are starting our topic of ‘Angles and Properties of shape’ this week. The first three lesson are on different types of lines and I have included a rather unusual activity for lesson 3 which I hope you will enjoy. For this lesson it will help if you have sound turned on!


I have included a PowerPoint for each lesson but also realised a lot of you are printing off the whole PowerPoint – which must be using a lot of your paper and ink (and not being very eco-friendly)! 


I have therefore also included the ‘write on’ sheets which are the PowerPoints condensed to just two pages – but can I suggest you read the PowerPoints too as they have the added text book pages and an introduction to support you.

Here is some new vocabulary for you that you will come across over the next two weeks.

parallel vertical horizontal        perpendicular              symmetry        triangle

            square              circle                rhombus          kite      trapezium         quadrilateral

parallelogram       right angle   acute      obtuse    cuboid           triangular prism

    square-based pyramid            cone    cylinder    sphere edges   faces    vertices

clockwise   anticlockwise     tetrahedron