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These activities must be played several times over many days using a variety of resources. The more you have to scaffold your child’s thoughts the more practise they need. That is to say if you ask your child a question and they give you a short / part explanation or none at all so that it requires you to ask another question, or prompt their thinking to explain further, this is scaffolding. Your questions, prompts, body language is guiding their thinking. Ideally we want the children to be able to speak / explain at length (in 3, 4, 5 sentences) independently. This demonstrates understanding.


By now your child should be becoming more confident with numbers to 5, 10 then 20. If your child fully understands a concept with numbers to 5, then they should quite easily apply this to numbers to 10 and beyond. If they become confused or hesitant then the chances are they have a shallow understanding or misconception. Go back a stage and repeat.