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Please find attached some home learning for this week. I have started maths this week with looking at the first unit of fractions we would normally have completed at the end of the Spring term.

Each maths lesson consists of a PowerPoint document with activities to complete and discuss.  I have included the answers as well as often if you get stuck, knowing the answer and working out how the answer was derived can help with understanding.  I have also included an introduction page for each lesson where possible to discuss before looking at the PowerPoint activities.


Maths learning for this week will cover:

  • Unit and non-unit fractions
  • Making a whole with unit and non-unit fractions
  • Tenths
  • Counting in tenths
  • Tenths as decimals

Here is some of the vocabulary you will come across over the next couple of weeks:

equal        parts        whole       numerator      denominator 

unit fraction (where the numerator is ‘1’ eg ½ )                                                                   

non-unit fraction (where the numerator is any number other than 1 eg ¾ )    

share       group     whole number      one whole    tenth    interval