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These sheets are additional copies of those you have already received.  When supporting your child with their number writing please ensure:

  • they have a correct pencil grip
  • start and finish each letter in the correct place
  • that the letters of an appropriate size
  • that the letters sit on the line
  • they use a fluid action.

I fish

Practice writing numbers

How many hiding? and Bugs on Leaves

Complete this task practically several times before attempting the sheet.  Discuss how 5 remains constant and then also try it with different numbers.

Shape pictures

This activity requires the chidlren to be able to deconstruct their idea and know what shapes they will need to use prior to drawing it.  Extend this to finding these shapes around the house; using construction kits or junk to make models of thier drawing.

Where do the bugs go?

Children should cut out the bugs and then sort them by number of spots and body shape.  They will need to look carefully and observe the charactersitics of each bug. Some bugs will not be in the grid as it exists and they should independently problem solve to produce additional grid squares.


A black sheet to allow you to count, make up games, colour in patterns etc.

Cube trains

Complete this activity practically looking at different number bonds with a variety of items.

Missing numbers

This caounting activity requires them to know one more or less than as well as being able to count in different situations.

Which is the heavier?

Extend this activity to other opposites: big / small.

Draw or cross out

This requires finemotor skills to draw the objects as well as observation to get each animals charateristics correct.