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This week, we’ll continue with the last week’s challenge in creating a bar chart using word or excel software application. Please refer to the information below, which as the same one from last week to recap what we have learned.


Your task is on the PowerPoint attached, which is linked to pictograms. All you need to do is gather the data from the pictogram and use it to create a bar chart. It is easy and simple to follow!


Please watch the links below in order to understand how to create a bar chart. Your child will need help and patience with this activity as it is equally challenging to do on paper as well as on computer. Hopefully, clips will help you and your child if you are not sure how to do it. As data handling is our ICT topic this term, we expect a computer version of this activity. This may be more advance than their age but we know we have a lot of clever children who are good with computers so this will be a bonus in their learning and boost their confidence in ICT skills. If your child decides to do a paper version of their graph, then it needs to be drawn on a squared paper to spread the numbers on scale equally. Please the squared paper below if you need it.              drawing a bar chart on paper             create a bar chart in word                  create a bar chart in excel