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Home learning achievement awards

Look at the pupils who have produced outstanding work while home learning.

Week ending 22nd May

Reception Class

Maria Jennifer: for always working hard and trying her best with the different activities.


Year 1

Jeremy- For writing a great description of how he takes care of his pet fish.

 Tilly- For fantastic art work.

 Daniel- For a great post card writing.

 Simona- For a great home learning.

 Max- For fantastic gardening activities.

 Tessa-  For writing a great description of how she cares for her pet.


Year 2

 Cian- for his outstanding effort in writing a postcard to Mr and Mrs Cobbler in the story. 

 Nathan- for showing commitment and dedication to his home learning and producing high quality of work.

 Alden for designing and making a fantastic bird feeder.

 Mya- for making an amazing worry doll with her skilful hands.

 Matthew - for being creative with his treasure and trouble map for hedgehogs using materials found at home. 


Year 3

 Oscar: for his super dark den.

 Emanuel: for working really hard at all his activities.

 Adele: for getting on with her home learning and doing a good job.

 Joshua F: for his amazing volcano experiment.

 Abigail: for really good work every week.

 Maya: for her work on fossils.


Year 4

 Dinura:  Well done for writing an exciting story which was well punctuated.

 Zita:  A lovely story which effectively used direct speech and punctuation.  

 Jaydon:  A good story with evidence of different sentence structures.  

 Alicja:  A fantastic, anatomically accurate set of teeth. 

 George:  Well done for creating the biggest invertebrate hotel in Dartford and maybe the world!

Nathaniel: For continuous amazing work all the time and for using all of his learning behaviours!


Year 5

Oliver for writing a great newspaper report on the Battle of Hastings.

Isla for her fantastic effort completing her home learning and extra work.

Joshua for his well-written science research on lions. 

Chloe for her science research on jaguars.

Henry S for his report on the Bundesliga. 


Year 6

 Joanne for her superbly informative healthy lifestyle guide.

Amelia for her efforts with our work on angles in Maths.

Temisire for her excellent writing as part of our 'Cave of Requirement' unit, particularly her use of relative clauses.

Temisola for her Creativity work- she created a political party that is interested in positive mental health.

Mariana for her all round effort during home learning.

Week ending 15th May


Charlotte: For trying hard to complete all activities

Mason: for completing a variety of activities and being willing to challenge himself


Year 1

Isaac M: For a great art work and fantastic scores in scramble game.

Freddie L: For practising his times table.

Ire: For a very detailed drawing and colouring.

Maya: For a fantastic flying machine. 

Amy: For a great flying machine.

Kanye: For a fantastic and interesting wanted poster.

Xanthie: For writing an interesting wanted poster.

Daniel: For fantastic comic writing.

Ethan: For making a fantastic paper plate pet.

Max: For making a great monster art work.


​Year 2

Anna: For excellent non-fiction writing

Alden: For an amazing camouflage poster and excellent all round home learning

Benediktas: For help the boys win TT Rockstars challenge by scoring almost half of the team points


Year 3

Migle: For great Science work on fossils

Chanelle: For great Science work on fossils

Marcus:For great Science work on fossils

Nancy: For great Science work on fossils

Olivia: For her super performance of walking with my iguana poem 


Year 4

Adrian:  Hard work across the curriculum and a good poster about William Beaumont.

Courtney:  A great William Beaumont poster and consistently working to the best of her ability.

Nifemi:  William Beaumont poster and hard work across the curriculum​.

Tomisire:  Being resilient during difficult times and a fabulous mini-beast habitat. 

Janelle: For doing a fantastic job with her extended writing, for using her imagination, including a fabulous description and excellent punctuation.

Nini: For doing a fantastic job with her extended writing, for using her imagination, including a fabulous description and excellent punctuation.


Year 5

Amelia for going the extra mile and writing a fantastic story for the BBC 500 word story competition.

Oliver for his fantastic Anglo-Saxon art

Izzy for her fantastic Anglo-Saxon art

David for fantastic art work

Oscar for being resourceful in creating his Anglo-Saxon art

Mireille for writing a professionally written balanced argument

Henry N for completing a science experiment on seed dispersal.

Samuel for completing a science experiment on seed dispersal.

Joshua for effort with his maths work.

Laura with effort for her maths work.

Henry S for his all-round effort during this home learning period  ​

Joe Sells for his all-round effort during this home learning period 


Year 6

Braedan for his VE day celebration photos and his Science poster.

Johann for his continued hard work during this period of home learning.

Maisie for her endeavour to improve the rapid recall of her times tables and her Science poster.

Week ending 8th May

Year R: Arabella for consistently completing a variety of activities.

             Maria for being willing to take on new challenges.


Year 1: Amelia for her fantastic leaf art in science.

             Louie for his fantastic leaf art in science.
             Tessa for her brilliant letter to the spider in literacy.
             Amelia Marie for her fantastic leaf art in science.
             Isaac F for his fantastic leaf art in science.
             Melanie for her fantastic leaf art in science.
​             Jeremy for his fantastic art work.
             Simona for her fantastic art work.
             Tilly for always working hard on all the different subject areas. 


Year 2: Alden for his great news report about Captain Tom, very well executed. 

             Stefan for his fantastic science work about creating food chains combined with excellent ICT skills. 
​             Matthew for his excellent effort especially in maths and for his great presentation for the past 2 weeks.


Year 3: Rebecca for an all round big effort this week.

             Migle for her fantastic presentation on WW2.

             Orla  for working really hard at her home learning and being able to work independently.

             Joshua O for working hard at his TT Rockstar battles.

             Caleb - for working hard at his TT rockstar battles​.


Year 4: Alicja for her amazing positive and negative artwork.

             Cairon for his wonderful positive and negative artwork.

             Janelle for her Science and creating a wet cell battery.

             Charlotte for a great mini-beast hotel.

             Nathaniel for always maintaining work to the highest standard and being an excellent independent learner. 


Year 5: Lily for her hard work when completing the Maths work set. 

             Alex for his hard work when completing the  Maths work set. 

             Francis for his work using STEM sentences to answer reasoning problems. 

             Gabby for her work using STEM sentences to answer reasoning problems.

             Amelia  for her fantastic story opening using a range of language devices. 


Year 6: Darcie for her thought provoking work on a famous scientist.​

             Blessing for her ideas and use of alliteration in our City of Silence unit.

             Braedan for his research on Karl Landsteiner.

             Jayden for his continued hard work during this home learning period, especially for his work on Duolingo.

Week ending 1st May

Reception Class: Alfie for his atttitude to his work and the fact that he takes on suggestions and challenges

Year 1: Darasimi for his detailed and interesting poem about friendships

             Daniel for fantastic art work and doing lots of his home learning work

             Maya for always trying her best at everything

             Xanthie for fantastic art work

Year 2: Beneditkas for his habitat poster

             Isabella for working hard on all the home learning activities

             Kharis for amazing digital art

Year 3: Florence for super work on rocks and soils

             Olivia for persevering for fractions and becoming more confident at them

             Mya for her WW2 picture and for her work overall​

             Nancy for super art work

Year 4: Stephanie for her maths

             Kaycee for her work on the Victorians

Year 5: Sean, Koabie, Mireille and Kayleigh for their statistic maths assessment

             Nifemi and Isla for their stories about the Nowhere Emporium 

             Samuel for trying hard with his writing

             Joshua for additional research in science on the importance of bees in plant reproduction

            Harry for his Anglo Saxon art

            Daniel and Ronald for GPS tests - on average 90% 

Year 6: Zoe for an engaging opening to her portal story. 

             Maisie for her acrostic fractions poem. 

             Cristos for his all round effort during this home learning period.

Week ending 24th April

Reception Class: Swetha for her hard work. 

Year 2: Arthur for his comprehension work 

              Ilona for trying with her spellings

Year 4: Nathaniel for his work on the Victorians

Year 5: Hope for GPS

Year 6: Harry for his family slot machine