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Home learning 6th July

With these activities, as with any, it is far better for your child to take it slowly, with lots of examples and discussions to ensure complete understanding, rather than rushing to finish with just one example / activity for each section. The latter approach will provide your child with a shallow level of learning.


To assess if your child has a shallow or deep level of understanding, ask the same thing in lots of different ways, as well as asking your child to apply or practise the same skill in lots of different situations.

If they can transfer and apply their knowledge independently then they have a deeper level of understanding.

If they can remember and independently select and apply the correct skill/knowledge to a situation in the coming days/weeks, then they have mastered it. If they need a prompt then more practise is needed.


It is expected that each day your child should complete a child initiated activity, BEAM, reading, Sounds-Write and maths.


If your child is still mastering the games, skills from previous learning and weeks, then please feel free to continue with these rather than rushing your child on. The same goes for any activity in this learning pack.


If you would like ideas, suggestions or advice on how to adapt these activities to better suit your child then please don’t hesitate to contact me via Tapestry.