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Become a local detective

On your daily walk identify a building local to you which history you wish to uncover. It could be any local building in the area where you are social distancing and walking around for your daily exercise.

On your daily walk: take a photograph of the building or a quick sketch.

  • Think about the 5W’s?
    Who used it in the past?
  • When do you think it was built?
  • Why is it important to the community then (and now)?
  • What is the building used for?
    Where else could this have been built in the area if this location had not been picked? Is this the best place for it? E.g. Why was this site chosen for the War memorial and not in a different place?


When you return to your home: Think about how you want to present what you discovered on the walk.  You could produce an annotated drawing answering the 5W’s around it, model, song, poem, or fact file.  


If the chosen building is a home – what can you think about? If the building is a home, look for clues as to the size of the family now. Think about out how many children people had in the past. You could look at online census by address