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Hardelot 2019

Friday 3rd

A busy morning as we had to get up and pack our bags, take them to the coach and then strip our beds before playing in the woods. We've had a wonderful week.Thank you to Camille, Catherine and Barbara for looking after and feeding us.

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Thursday 2nd

We spent the morning in Le Touquet where we walked around the market then had lunch on the beach. We enjoyed playing on the beach and then went for ice creams in town. We are good at using our French. Back on the site, we had a scavenger hunt (enjoy the photos!) and are looking forward to the BBQ tonight.

Wednesday 1st

Today we have walked around Boulogne old town, been to the market and then on to Nausicaa. We all really enjoyed the new tanks and saw sharks, rays, jelly fish and lots of others we can’t remember the names of. Tonight we tried frog’s legs and snails and after dinner we are off for our disco.

Tuesday 30th

We’ve had a busy day today. We made bread in the morning, visited Montreuil for lunch and a walk along the ramparts. After that we went to the chocolate factory and found out how chocolate is made. Now we have free time in the woodland before dinner.

Monday 29th April

Arrive at school by 7:45am ready to depart at 8:15am.


Arrived safely in France and had lunch at cap gris nez followed by a walk to see the history and nature of the area. Once at the site we have successfully made our beds, played in the woods and eaten dinner.  We now have more free time to play before being called in for showers and bedtime.