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Grammar, punctuation & spelling

Our focus this week is the Present Perfect tense.  I have included two PowerPoints and an activity booklet to help you with your learning on this.  Use the PowerPoints in whichever order you like and complete as much of the booklet as you can.  Again, there are answers at the back, so hand them over to your parents without peeking!

In addition to the activities set out below, please complete the Present Perfect test on and one other test of your choice.


Your spelling focus is words which have the suffixes –ing and –ed.  For example, meeting and worked.  I have included an activity for you, which is the sheets with words all over it.  If you are able to, print the sheets out, cut out the pieces carefully (remember that cutting is a skill that you must keep practising!), shuffle the pieces about and place them face down.  If you are not able to print, then copy the words down onto pieces of paper.

Then you can play a ‘pairs’ or ‘memory’ game with the root words and the words with the suffixes.  To do this, turn over one card followed by another.  The aim is to make pairs by matching words with suffixes with the root words e.g. matching ‘meet’ with ‘meeting’ or ‘work’ with ‘worked’. 

You can change the difficulty to suit you:

  • Start with a small selection of words (but make sure all of the words you use are made up of matching pairs of words, eg work and worked, or meet and meeting)
  • Have the root words in one pile and the words with suffixes in a separate pile, and choose one card from each pile
  • As you feel more confident mix the piles together, or add more words in, or both!
  • If you feel really confident make up your own cards with root words and their ‘-ing’ or ‘-ed’ suffixes.

You can play this by yourself but it is more fun with at least one other person.  This is revision of KS1 words, so if you have a sibling in KS1, you could play with them!