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Grammar & spelling

Our focus this week is still the present perfect tense. 


Simple Past is also known as Past Simple and describes events which happened at a specific time, but are now completed.  Example:  I baked.

The Present Perfect can be used for the following situations: to describe something that happened in the past and is continuing today; an action that was completed recently; and for an action that did not happen at a specific time.  Example:  I have baked.


Continue completing the activity booklet from last week if you haven’t already.  I have also attached a worksheet for you to complete.  The sentences on the sheet are written in the simple past tense.  On the line underneath, you need to re-write the sentence in the present perfect tense.

I have found some posters explaining different verb tenses.  You can have a look at them if they help you to understand the difference between past tense and present perfect tense.  You also need to make sure you have completed the present perfect assessment on


Your spelling focus is words which have the prefixes un- and dis-.  For example, unhappy and disappear.

I have given you a sorting activity to help you with your spellings.  The instructions are on the sheet.  You need to write the words in the correct column on the table.  If you have a dictionary, you can use this to check your work.