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This week, we are going to continue the 'Monsters' unit, which is focused on the writing of an information text using 'faction' - fiction that sounds like fact. Here is the link to the 'Talk for Writing' booklet we have been using: 


To begin with this week, read back through the booklet and work you have completed so far.

You should now be ready to read back through your plan for your writing. Have you included all of the key information needed? Have you got a clear idea of the theme for each paragraph, with a topic sentence to begin each section? Have you considered the key elements to include, listed in the toolkit (page 7)?


Turn to page 15 of your booklet and complete activity 10; this includes the writing, editing and re-drafting of your information text.


Once you have completed this, you can then go on to complete activities 11-14 which includes: drawing a map of where your monster lives; completing a feedback to writing session; choosing an extension piece of writing to complete; and creating a wanted poster for a monster. Details of all of these activities can be found from page 16 onward.


Try entering this story writing competition: