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Daily Reading 20 mins

Classroom Secrets Kids


Reading: Read Chapter 3 of Warhorse

Discuss the chapter with someone at home and look up any unfamiliar words.

Writing: look at the picture Floating Citadel.  Answer the questions about the citadel recording your ideas in your home learning book.  Discuss your ideas with an adult to ensure they make sense.


Reading: Complete the War Horse Comprehension.  You can do this on the interactive document and save it to your computer.


Writing: Complete the Sentence challenge for the Floating Citadel.  Draw your own

palace and annotate around the picture with your ideas about the palace then describe your creation in a short taster draft.

When describing your creation, complete the sentence challenge task as part of this description.


Reading:  Go through the Arlo the author powerpoint then complete the Androcles and the lion comprehension.

Writing: Complete the sick sentences activity from the Floating Citadel.  Then, look back at yesterday’s taster draft.  How can you up-level the sentences?  What changes to vocabulary or grammar can you make to improve your writing? How can you develop your settings, characters and plot with these improvements?


Grammar and punctuation: Watch the video, read the text and then complete the online activity at:

Go through the Fronted adverbials lesson presentation then complete the fronted adverbials in sentences sheet.

Complete the fronted adverbials mini test in the folder and on if you haven’t already completed it.


Spelling test:  Check the spelling sheets in your Home Learning pack and complete in your spelling book.  You should be starting the term 3A sheet.

Writing:  Read the story starter from the Floating Citadel, then continue the story. (You can include this in your writing if you want to)  What ideas from your work will you include? Who are the people in the palace?  What will happen next?  Make sure that you use paragraphs to organised the themes of the story you will be writing.

Proofread your work for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors and then read your story to your family. 

Remember to add some fronted adverbials to add interest and show your learning from yesterday.  There is a word mat in the grammar and punctuation folder if you need some ideas.