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Day 4


Today you are going to debate with your family.

 I would like you to debate the following:

Was the Industrial Revolution and growth of the industry in Dartford during the Victorian era a good thing?

Look at this site for debating tips


Draw on all of your learning over the weekend to answer the above question.  Can you be objective, and can you provide evidence that backs up your opinion?

When you have held your debate, I would like you to tell me how the discussion went on the class blog.  What was your opinion and did people agree or disagree with what you had to say?


To conclude:

Return to your concept map and update with your new learning.  Rather than an ordinary topic evaluation, you can either record a VLOG or Blog on the school website.   Tell me about what you have enjoyed and what you have learnt about the Victorians, what they did for us and their impact on Dartford.