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Day 1

Today, you will be setting up your books for this topic, and you will be learning about where the Victorian era came in British history. 

You will:

  1. Create a concept map-answer the following questions as best you can, see the sheet below.
  2. Create a timeline which accurately places the Victorian era on a timeline of dates.
  3. Watch Victorians PowerPoint as a further introduction to the era. (What important industrial advancements were made during this time?)



During this lesson, you will be considering different art from the era of the Victorians. 

What can this artwork tell us about the era? What can we learn about changes in society over this period?  What do they teach us about changes in transport and the subsequent industrial possibilities?   How did the move from country to city living fuel the industrial revolution?

I would like you to discuss these questions in relation to the artwork and write down your ideas about the paintings as we would normally do when we annotate images.  Then it is your turn to become artists.

Choose one image and recreate this in any medium you prefer.  Once you have finished your artwork, I would like you to write about it.  What have you learnt about the Victorians from this art and your learning today?  This can be written underneath your artwork on the template sheet in your learning packs for day 1.

Picture 1
Picture 2