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This term we should be learning about ‘Important Nurses’. Work includes Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell. This is always extremely popular with Year 2 and the learn so much about the nurses but also about asking and answering their own questions. We shall send out a few lessons each week to build upon the current work.


We hope you enjoyed the first few lessons on the Crimean War and learnt some new facts. Take a look at this video and the short ordering activity under it.

BBC bitesize – Who was Florence Nightingale?


Now look at the two photographs. How many differences can you spot between the before photograph and after Florence Nightingale had made changes to hospital wards? (Gross facts – in the first picture, the floors were never washed, the sheets were barely changed and there were often rats running around!)

(Extra clue, check the windows – why would they be different in the second picture?)