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Child Initiatied Activity

A child initiated activity is something that your child chooses to do independently. Please note; an adult saying go and play in the garden, or, let’s do some painting, is adult initiated!


It is during child initiated activities that we get to see in the windows of our children’s brains, because concepts and knowledge that they have understood from all subjects gets acted out in their play. It is also a chance for your child to demonstrate and practise the Characteristics of Effective Learning. These are the crucial learning behaviours and attitudes people need to be successful learners.


This week for their CIA I would like your child to combine 2 or more play resources and for them to begin to build a story around their play. For example; use the train set and Lego / bricks to make additional resources. These maybe be buildings, bridges, stations, cities etc. Or, make food items to sell in their shop or restaurant. Which materials are best for different foods? Do they need to make a menu / price list?

As their imagination and creativity develops they will be able to construct more complex situations and stories, requiring more resources to be combined.


Listen to the story they are narrating as they play. Does it make sense? Are they mispronouncing words? Do they have all the necessary vocabulary in their repertoire? This is where you need to join in with their play to model what it should look like.


If your child is laying down pushing a train or car around with just noises or very little language, or always making you a cup of tea, playing the same scenario with a doll, this can probably be deemed as low level playing. Until your child is mobile and engaged, narrating a story they have created (not repeating a story they have watched), they will not be able to write it in an English lesson.

Each day your child can create a new story with different resources or they can build and extend what they did the day before.