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Child Initiated Activity

Week 8 of Aiming for one idea to last all week!

By this stage your child should be quite skilful at CIA and should be narrating their story in complex sentences. Their grammar should be improving with an extended vocabulary.


As always, listen to the story your child narrating as they play. Does it make sense? Are they mispronouncing words? Do they have all the necessary vocabulary in their repertoire? This is where you need to join in with their play to model what it should look like. If your child chooses a craft / model idea for their CIA, encourage them to play with it once it’s made, or find and prepare the resources independently. This helps them deconstruct an idea to individual parts so they can recognise the stages that are needed. Playing with it helps the review and evaluation process, where flaws in their design are highlighted and rectified.


This type of play takes self-confidence, imagination, problem solving, initiative and creativity. All essential skills for traditional subjects studied in future year groups.