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With the children who have returned to school, I have noticed that they are finding completing the exercises in a controlled manner, with the correct body position extremely difficult.


It is completely natural for our brain to find a strategy / position which makes it easier for us to complete an action! This is human nature! As adults, it is our responsibility to pay attention to the details to ensure the exercises are being executed accurately. Therefore, check hands, feet, knees, head and bottoms to make sure your child is doing them correctly. Also, encourage them to sing, count, speak while doing them to ensure they are not holding their breath. Another clever strategy!


The ribboning activities are also proving extremely challenging to complete without moving their whole body, leaning forward or bending their elbow.


My assumption is; if the vast majority of children in school are finding these challenging, then the children at home are most likely to be in the same position.


Please identify which set of exercises your child finds the most challenging and make their own individual routine of BEAM and ribboning.

Please try and continue with these throughout the summer holidays.