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In my experience these exercises must be practised continually. Children today have very weak core muscles and shoulder stability for many reasons which I will not go into now. However, as adults we must address this. Be aware of your child’s resting / relaxing position.

Weak core and shoulder stability = laying down while playing,

                                        =sitting with legs outstretched, hands on floor,

                                        =leaning on cupboards, walls, you!

                                       =kneeling with bottom to one side and 1 hand down,

                                       =sitting at the table resting their head on their hand.


Continue practising the exercises and ball skill activities. Choose 2 or 3 a day. In addition add some Ribboning exercises to your daily routine.


These can be found on Tapestry.

Practice the ones your child finds particularly challenging.

How far can they count before they start wobbling or lose control?

Can they beat their own score /time?

Your child can combine these into a circuit / obstacle course, which they design.