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Following on from last weeks viewfinder activity, this week we would like you to use a viewfinder on a camera (on an Ipad or phone is fine too – as long as you have an adults permission).

Create a digital time capsule. Please take many photos of things you are/or have been enjoying throughout lockdown. At the end of the week choose 10 photographs which you feel share your memories the best. You could print these to make a collage of your memories or store them digitally.  If you copy and paste them into word, try to find how to rotate the image to make your collection look more interesting. You could add a background drawing/picture/colour, add a title or write messages in between you collage of photographs.  Keep this as a memory of this unusual time in your history for you when are older. Don’t forget to add the date you created it. This would be a good piece of work to send to Mrs Foster once you have finished.


Tips – when taking photographs consider:

  • how close the viewfinder is to the object,
  • zooming in or out,
  • try photographing the same thing from different places or heights, or in different lights.


Please keep at least one photograph digitally so you can use it next week for the last of our photography work.

Have fun x