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Make a worry doll. In these challenging times there is so much to worry about, especially for our little people who see lots of news headlines and hear adult discussions about the virus and what it means for us and them. It’s understandably a worrying time and one which is unique for each of us. We found these Guatemalan worry dolls which may help. You could research their origin as a mini project? The poem here helps to explain a bit about their purpose – talk to them before bedtime (maybe just choose one day each week, or daily, whichever suits you best). Tell them your worries of the day, then put them under your pillow, putting your worries to bed until a later date.

You will need pipe cleaners, felt tip pens and some coloured string or wool.


One suggested way of making them is explained in this YouTube video, but you can alter for whatever equipment you have available: (If children are making them from the video you may prefer to turn the sound off and let them just follow the images.)

There is certainly something deeply soothing about saying your worries out loud and putting them away. The physical act of talking to these Guatemalan worry dolls and putting them away really does help.

Good luck, have fun.