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Activity 2


This can be done with any objects, pasta, pencils, sweets, small toys etc.

Sit some teddies in a circle and ask your child to share out the objects fairly among the teddies. Begin with a few teddies and amount of objects that can be shared equally; 2 teddies, 6 objects, or 5 teddies, 10 objects. Increase the amount of teddies and objects as your child becomes more confident. Discuss the meaning of fair and equal. If your child is struggling to understand this, use a high value object with members of your family such as sweets; give yourself more than them and see how they understand equality! ;)



Using the number cards lay them face down, turn one over and have that amount of teddies in the circle. Or that amount of objects.

Discuss how to deal with remainders, left overs. How and why has this occurred?

Play the opposite game: turn a card over and give each teddy that amount. How many objects in total do you have?

How can these be recorded without using the usual maths signs of ÷,×, +, -, =