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Activity 2

Move to the Beat

Using an instrument or saucepan and spoon tap out a beat. Let your child practise moving in time to the beat, vary the speed. Do they keep in time? This encourages your child to listen carefully.

Once they can do this, play a rhythm of beats. For example; tap tap tap taptap tap. Your child should count them and then move that many times. After they get the hang of this you can then state the ways they have to move- hops, jumps etc.


Using the number cards lay them face down, turn one over without your child seeing and play that many beats. Your child has to count and move. Your child can then turn a card over and play a rhythm for you to move.

Turn a card over and then use word problems as in activity 1 to tell your child how many moves to make.(If you turn over a 5, you could say ‘move 2 more than this’) Your child can then have a turn at giving you a problem to solve.

Use the tally chart again to keep score on whoever moves the correct amount each time.