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Activity 2

Escape from Smeaton's Tower


As a special treat for all your hard work at school, you visit Smeaton’s Tower – a lighthouse in Plymouth.

Excitedly, you climb to the top of the tower and go out of the glass doors. After a while, you hear your teacher call up from below, “Come on, it’s time to leave!”  You move back round the walkway and try to open the doors. They don’t budge! You start to panic.


“The doors won’t open,” you call down, “I’m stuck!”

Your teacher shouts back, “The guide says there’s a keypad to unlock the door. He can’t remember the code but thinks you’ll be able to work it out!”


Solve the clues and puzzles to discover the code, record your results on the answer sheet and escape Smeaton’s Tower. [Don't cheat by looking at the answers]