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Activity 2

Once your child is confident and fully understands value and money from such activities above, you can move onto money problems.

Set up a ‘shop’ using a few objects or toys. Attach a price label to each. Keep the prices small amounts. Your child can then ‘buy’ 2 items to begin with. You total the amount and your child must select their coins to pay you.


Take turns at being the customer. When your child is the shopkeeper they must calculate the total cost of your shopping and check that you have paid correctly.


Once your child is confident at buying and selling 2 items you can increase it to 3 then 4 etc.


Please be cautious of introducing and completing problems on paper too soon. This will only serve to make the activity a meaningless calculation. Much the same way as completing random ‘sums’. The understanding is not as clear as using practical resources and mistakes are more common because there is not the emotional value involved which makes the activity more appealing and meaningful.