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Activity 1

Through the Arches / Skittles

By now your child should be becoming more confident with numbers, order, value. This can be demonstrated by your child being able to play the ‘guess my number’ mentally, that is; without the prompt of the number cards.

Building on the learning from previous weeks your child can make, depending on their preference, arches from cut up cardboard boxes, or containers laid on their side (anything for cars, balls etc to be rolled through / into);

Or, you can make your own skittles with empty bottles part filled with water, sand, gravel to stabilise them.

Use the number cards to label the arches, containers or skittles. Any numbers can be used to make the game more or less challenging.

Make your own dice or spinner if you do not have any.

Next, your child rolls the dice and tries to get the car, ball, object through the arches or into the container with the corresponding number. Or knock the right skittle down.

Once their accuracy has improved, you can challenge them to solve problems, such as; roll through the one 2 less than five, or 1 more than 12.



Continue with the tally system as a way of recording scores.

Pieces of paper with numbers on can be used to cover the dice to provide higher numbers.

Roll 2 dice and combine the score.