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Year 6 journey

In 2017, Year 6 will travel to Hardelot, France for 5 days (24 - 28th April).  We will post information and photographs of our activities throughout the week.

This year we are planning to visit Nausicaa and La Coupole, have a circus skills workshop, visit Boulogne market and if the weather is nice visit the beach.


Arrive at school for 6:15am ready to leave by 6:45am. 

We have arrived safely, weather today has been good enough to spend some time on the beach, followed by ice creams then on to the centre. We are all settled in our rooms, beds made and have enjoyed ourselves playing in the grounds. Dinner was delicious - 2nds and 3rds had by some! We are now having a bit more fun playing before showers and bed.


Weather here has been nice but a bit cold out of the sun. We went to Saint Omer and walked through the town and bought sweets, waffles and crepes before eating our lunch in the park. After that we went to La Coupole where we went in the planetarium and walked around the bunkers.  Tonight for dinner we had frog's legs, snails and cheese flan for our starters - loved by some, others not so keen. Everyone now off playing in the woods. 


We had a couple of light showers this morning but it was dry, but windy, when we went to Boulogne market. After the market we walked down to Nausicaa for lunch and a lovely time looking at the different fish, sea lions, penguins etc.  We have all had time in the woods and are now off to the disco - after our showers.





A lovely day here, weather has stayed dry until bedtime. We have spent half the day having a circus skills workshop and the other half playing on the beach. We ended the day with our BBQ and toasted marshmallows.



Arrive back at school at approximately 5.15pm.