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Workshop at Rochester Museum

At the workshop we learnt about sound and vibrations.  We learnt about musical instruments like a thumb piano, a WWII bell and a talking drum.  


First of all I learnt that vibrations create sound waves.  Sound waves need something to travel through, it travels well through air, great through water and fantastic through solids.


If you have a box and an elastic band and wrap the band around a half cut open box you can pluck the band and it will vibrate.  To change the pitch just stretch the box and the band.


I also learnt about a bell and when it vibrates then you put your hand on it the vibration stops.


When you put an elastic band round a box then pull the edge and pluck the elastic it makes a sound but when you don't pull the edge it makes a different sound.


On the moon there is a vacuum so there is no air and when you talk you can't hear your voice because there is no air.  When you talk there you can't hear your voice because sound needs to travel through something.