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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school.


Key Stage 2

Mr Shepherd

Year 6, Computing

Mr Spear

Year 5, Mathematics,

Creative Curriculum

Mrs Boag

Year 4, English


Mrs Spear

Key Stage 2 Leader

Year 3, Science,

DT, Student training

Mrs McMillan

Year 3, PSHCE,

Eco schools


Key Stage 1 and Early Years

Mrs Lang

Year 1, RE, 

SMSC, School council

Miss Smith

Year 2, Key Stage 1 Leader


Mrs Innes

Year 2, Creative Arts




Mrs Minchin

EYFS Leader

Healthy schools, PE


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Bodycomb

Mrs Brennan

Miss Darby




Mrs Montila

Mrs Murray


Mrs Palfrey

Mrs Ritchie

Mrs Shears


Mrs Stacey

Mrs Taylor


Mr Taylor


Mrs Watkinson


Mrs Williams

Mrs Woodham

Mrs Worley


Midday Meal Supervisors

Mrs Bodycomb

Team leader

Mrs Bettridge  
Mrs Cheeseman   Mrs Dunk  
Mrs Lumor   Mrs Marshall  

Mrs Palfrey


  Mrs Smith  
Mrs Stacey   Mrs Theivendran  


School Support

Mrs Earle

Business manager

Mrs Willgoss


Mr Abbey


Mrs Abbey