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Bean vs Our Lady’s Football Match

Tuesday 17th May

Starting 10

GK Thomas 

LB Ruairi 

CB George

RB Yemi 

RCDM Daniel 

LCDM David 

RW Nathan 

LW Joseph 

ST Jason 

ST Dillon 


The match kicked off and within 2 minutes Bean had scored a goal. However, it did not deter us. Our Lady’s were confident enough to snatch back a goal which was scored by David aided by a great ball from Ruairi from just inside the box. Now both teams were level. After the goal Daniel played a wonderful ball to Jason who tried to chip it in past the keeper but he hit the crossbar. A few minutes later the referee blew for half time and Mr Shepherd talked to us to help us to push for victory. The score at half time was 1-1.

The second half started and Bean had a long goal kick and it bounced right in front of the defenders and the striker put it in top corner to make it 2-1 to Bean. We were disappointed that we conceded this goal and it led to another goal exactly the same as Bean’s third goal. Another goal kick came in and went over our heads which led to further goal which now meant it was 4-1 to Bean. Come on Our Lady’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We soldiered on! A long kick by George led right to David as it bounced on the edge on the box and David chipped it in above the keeper and everyone’s spirits were high once more. The score was now 4-2. Bean took possession and a Bean player flicked the ball up and scored an excellent volley. The match was very tense. A few minutes later Jason kicked a corner to David’s head which just went over the bar but we did not give up. A few minutes later the referee blew the full time whistle and the final score was 5-2 to Bean.

Congratulations Bean and many thanks to the parents who came to cheer us on and finally well done to all the players who participated in the match; everyone played well!!!!!!

Bring on the Catholic Cup on the 13th June!!!!!!

Reviewed by George Y6